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 Risk MAP, The Game

riskmapgame.pngRisk MAP, The Game was produced to better communicate the Risk MAP program and highlight the opportunities for communities to be involved. The intent is not to make light of the serious nature of flood risk, but to show that there are various challenges and opportunities that can occur during the lifecycle of a Risk MAP project that can result in a changed product or schedule. Ultimately, risk reduction is the goal of Risk MAP and community awareness and participation in the process is a vital component.
The game is being used to help FEMA regions, states, and others interact with local partners at Risk MAP meetings to initiate important conversations between all the entities involved in the process and set the stage for understanding where in the process we are “today” as well as what can be expected in upcoming meetings and discussions.
Risk MAP, the Game has been the recipient of several awards:
·      Risk MAP, the Game won Second Place in the Special Purpose Product category of 2011 Blue Pencil and Gold Screen Awards.  This award was presented by the National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC), a national not-for-profit network of Federal, state, and local government employees dedicated to providing opportunities for professional advancement, enhancing effective communications with constituents and advancing the profession.
·         Risk MAP, the Game was recipient of the Summit International Bronze Award for Creative Excellence.
·         Finally, Risk MAP, the Game won the Hermes Creative Award 2011 Gold Award for Marketing Collateral/Branding/Specialty Item.
Risk MAP, the Game, consists of:
·         A full-color game board.
·         94 unique Stakeholder & Data playing cards that showcase the potential shortcuts, pitfalls, and positive or negative feedback that could potentially occur during the Risk MAP process. 
·         Instructions/ideas for gameplay.
The game files can be taken to your local printer and printed locally. Suggested printing instructions and a description of each element are outlined below:
·         Game Cards: stakeholdercard.png
o        These are two sided cards with the “Stakeholder and Data” and FEMA’s Risk MAP logo on the back of all

cards. In addition to being used in game play, these cards can be used as discussion starters as well. They each show how a stakeholder or data issue loseaturncard.png

can impact a Risk MAP project. For instance, if a community provides parcel data, you are allowed to move ahead in gameplay but if the data are provided too late in the process, it’s a budget bust and you will have to move back two spaces. See other Stakeholder and Data impacts, including the impact of not including Tribes in the process, and what happens when your NFIP Coordinator has been furloughed.
o   Suggestions for printing: The files for the game cards are in two parts—see folders for Side One and Side Two.  Risk MAP Game cards are the same dimensions as playing cards:   2.5” x 3.5”. Print on glossy card stock with rounded edges.  To make localized cards, use only the “Side Two” file and print laminated cards that are blank on one side.  Use white board markers to make your own “Stakeholder and Data” elements.
·         Game Board:
o   The Risk MAP Game board is a full-color, visually dynamic base of play. Though some Risk MAP projects may not include the development of a new Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), the game follows a Risk MAP project that includes a FIRM element from Discovery to map adoption.
o   Suggestions for printing: For ease of use, ability to hang, and portability, print on a 25” x 69” white vinyl, glossy banner with grommets in each corner for easy hanging.  The game board can also be reduced in size or printed on heavy paper instead of vinyl to save on printing costs.  
·         Other Items Needed:
o   To use the game, download the suggested gameplay instructions here.
o   Gameplay requires dice and game pieces, which can be purchased at craft stores, etc.
How will you use the Risk MAP game? Did you use it and want to send comments? Let us know. Send comments to XXXXXXXX.