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Home Page
The Home page includes a Dashboard of Upcoming, Recent, and Overdue PAL Milestones, a Search box, and the map zoomed to the extent of FEMA Region VII.  Also on the Home page along the top banner are links to pages used to manage the PAL Agreements.  Hovering over Flood Control Features will bring up a drop down list that includes links to FC Systems and FC

Flood Control Segments
The Flood Control Segments page allows users to select the Levees they wish to work with.  Segments are listed alphabetically.  The list can be filtered by State and County.  Choosing a State-County will zoom the map to the selected area.  Click on a levee name to navigate to the segment’s page.
Segment Page
The Segment page displays information about the design, construction, ownership, PAL Status (if applicable) and media related to the segment. 
From the Segment page users can edit details about the segment, upload and/or open media, create a segment fact sheet, or link to pages with details on the segment’s system, sponsor organization, and PAL agreement.

The Calendar Page displays a list of Upcoming, Recent, and Overdue PAL Milestones.  The calendar itself shows the Milestones that have due dates associated with them.  Clicking on the Calendar event will link to the Milestone’s page.
Managing PAL Agreements
Meeting Setup
The system should store much of the information needed to assign the PAL Scenario and set up the PAL Meeting. According to the Region VII Levee Workflow, the first step to take is to ID accredited levees on FIRMs. This step was accomplished for the whole Region during the first year of the RiskMAP Program. Every levee in the database is attributed either “Yes” or “No” for FIRM Protection Provided. Levees are symbolized differently based on this attribution (Yes = darker & thicker lines). That information is available on the Flood Control Segment page. Also on the Flood Control Segment page should be a link to the effective FIRM, relevant LOMRs, and USACE Inspection Reports. Contact information for the levees of interest can be found through links to the Sponsor Organization from the Segment page. Once all the contacts have been made and the meeting has been set up, a fact sheet can be printed for each of the levees that will be addressed during the PAL Meeting.
Post Meeting
After a PAL Meeting has been held, the PAL Status and PAL Milestone pages can be used to track the life of the PAL and effectively store documents and communication related to the agreement. The levee’s Segment page has boxes for both PAL Status and PAL Milestones. The first step to take is entering the PAL Agreement date. This is the date the unsigned agreement and letter are sent from the FEMA Regional office. Entering the date will automatically create the Milestones that have hard due dates. This includes Milestones for sending letters from FEMA to the sponsor organization and Milestones for receiving required documents from the sponsor organization. The Milestones created are:
    • PAL Letter 30-day Reminder
    • PAL Letter 10-day Reminder
    • Signed Agreement Received
    • 30-day Progress Report Reminder
    • 1-year Progress Report Received
    • 90-day PAL Expiration Reminder
    • 30-day PAL Expiration Reminder
    • Accreditation Packet Received

There are certainly other important Milestones in the life of a typical PAL Agreement, and those can be tracked too. The Milestones above represent those that have due dates associated with them that are calculated from the date the PAL Agreement is sent. These are the Milestones that will show up in the Events list on the Home page and on the Calendar.