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  1. What is STARR?
    STARR is a JV comprised of two proven leaders in DFIRM mapping, risk assessment, risk communication, and mitigation planning: Atkins and Stantec. Under this alliance, STARR partners work as one in a common vision and purpose to reduce the loss of life and property caused by floods. STARR is helping FEMA and its partners create a flood-savvy nation, one community at a time. We accomplish this vision through leveraging ongoing partnerships and inspiring local action to mitigate flood risk.

  2. What are the services provided by STARR:

    • DFIRM Production and Adoption
    • Hazard Identification and Mapping
    • GIS and Database Applications
    • Outreach and Risk Communications
    • Watershed Management
    • Coastal Analysis, Protection, and Restoration
    • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
    • Mitigation Planning and Funding
    • Disaster Response
    • Water Resources Engineering

  3. Which FEMA Regions are benefited from STARR technical services and production?
    The STARR alliance works with Regions II, V, VII, IX and X.

  4. What happens with other FEMA Regions?
    COMPASS provides technical services and productions to Regions I, III, IV, and VI.

  5. How do I know if my State is part of the FEMA Regions covered by STARR? Check the map provided in