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Welcome to the STARR FEMA Region X Service Center (RSC). The RSC supports FEMA Region X with mapping, planning, training, and outreach in hazard mitigation and floodplain management. We are also here to provide assistance to federal and state officials, mapping partners, local community officials, and other stakeholders. If you cannot find the answer or resources you need on this SharePoint site, please feel free to contact us for help! The Region X Help Desk can assist you with questions related to Risk MAP projects, floodplain management, NFIP policy and regulations, compliance, training, outreach, and much, much more! We can be reached by email at

Thank you for visiting! We look forward to serving you!



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 Tools and Resources

CMZ Poster
Idaho Stream Care Guide
NFIP Legislation
Workshop Announcements
Coastal Study Fact Sheet
Hazard Mitigation Planning Resources
Hazus Resources
Hurricane Sandy Fact Sheet
ICC Resources
Kootenai County Risk MAP Documents
LAMP Final Approach Document
LOMC Online
Policy for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping
Primary Frontal Dunes
Region X State Business Plans
Risk MAP Tools
Seclusion Method
Silver Jackets
Technical Resources
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 Suggested Reading


 FEMA Region X News

Asociados locales, estatales y federales están trabajando de cerca e individualmente con los sobrevivientes del deslizamiento de tierra SR530 mientras continúan la recuperación en Washington
As Search Continues, Officials Move To Demobilize Some Assets
Local, State and Federal Partners Working Closely, Individually With SR 530 Slide Survivors as Recovery Continues in Washington
Federal Aid Programs for the State of Oregon Declaration
President Declares Disaster for Oregon
Federal Aid Programs for State of Washington Disaster Recovery
President Declares Disaster for Washington
Federal Aid Programs for the State of Washington Emergency Declaration
President Obama Signs Washington Emergency Declaration
How is responding to a disaster different in the State of Alaska?
FEMA and Partners Exercising Earthquake Scenarios
Federal Aid Programs for the State of Alaska Declaration
President Declares Disaster for Alaska
Federal Aid Programs for the State of Alaska Declaration
President Declares Disaster for Alaska
Alaskans Encouraged to Prepare for Extreme Winter Threats
Tribal Corps Aids Alaska Flood Recovery: Sweat, Service and Spirit in the Last Frontier
Volunteer Labor Helps Spring Flood Survivors Return Home
United Efforts Bring Successful Recovery to Circle
Three Months After Disaster Declaration: Alaska’s Flooded Communities Ready for Winter with Help from Recovery Partners
FEMA Specialists Provide Free Repair, Rebuilding and Mitigation Advice in Fairbanks
FEMA Corps Supports Salvation Army’s Feeding Effort in Galena
Guidance for Old Town Galena Residents on FEMA Decision Regarding Permanent Construction
FEMA and SBA Extend Disaster Assistance Deadlines in Alaska
NFIP Substantial Damage: What Does It Mean for Alaska’s Disaster Survivors?



 Project Portals

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 Studies Projected Preliminary in 90 Days

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 Studies LFD Released in 90 Days

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 Studies Released as Effective in Next 90 Days

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 Upcoming Events & Training

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​Click this link to open the Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) page and view the preliminary LOMR map which supports FEMA’s Expanded Appeals Process (EAP).