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EMI In-Person Training - FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI)


EMI regularly offers trainings, both in-person at their facility in Emmitsburg, Maryland, and online through Independent Study courses.  For additional information on EMI class and webinar calendar, click here. For EMI’s course catalog, click here.
E105: Public Information and Warning: December 16-17, 2015, March 23-24, 2016, and July 29‑30, 2016.
Roles of the Public Information Officer (PIO) and the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System discussed including role of the PIO; communication tools and resources encompassing social media; effective communication; preparing the community through outreach and other means; and communication in an incident, the IPAWS system, preparing alert and warning messages, and writing common alerting protocol messages.
E157: Hazard Mitigation Community Education and Outreach Specialist Qualifying Course: January 11-14, 2016.
Hazard Mitigation CEO Specialists will attain the knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate the behaviors/ activities in their Position Task Books and to meet requirements during a disaster operation.
E273: Managing Floodplain Development through the NFIP: November 16-19, 2015, March 7‑10, 2016, and June 27-30, 2016.
Lays the foundation for working with the NFIP in the field for local, tribal, state and Federal floodplain managers.  Topics covered include outreach, mapping (risk determination), rules and regulations, permitting, elevation certificate, substantial damage and substantial improvement, flood insurance and legal issues.
E278: NFIP/Community Rating System (CRS): April 18-21, 2016, July 18-21, 2016, and September 19‑22, 2016. 
This course covers activities eligible for credit under CRS, how a community applies, and how a community modifies an application to improve its classification.
E279: Retrofitting Floodprone Residential Buildings: May 2-5, 2016.  
This course provides engineering and economic guidance to architects, engineers, and local code enforcement officials in retrofitting existing residential structures situated in flood prone areas.
E282: Advanced Floodplain Management Concepts II: July 11-14, 2016.
This course addresses issues concerning placement of manufactured homes and recreational vehicles in the floodplain; NFIP flood insurance principles for the floodplain manager; higher standards in floodplain management; and hydrology and hydraulics for the floodplain manager.
E284: Advanced Floodplain Management Concepts III: August 29 – September 1, 2016.
Dynamic and interactive instruction that covers floodway standards; disconnects between NFIP regulations and insurance; common noncompliance issues; digital flood insurance rate maps; and Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage.
E291:  Community Dam Safety, Preparedness & Mitigation: February 29 – March 3, 2016.
This course addresses dam owners; emergency service providers; emergency planners and managers; land use and transportation planners; community leaders; and other members of the community to reduce the risks and mitigate the consequences resulting from a dam failure, and to recover more effectively in the event of a failure.
E582: Mitigation for Tribal Governments: May 9-12, 2016.
Provide tribal representatives with an understanding of mitigation opportunities and techniques, and assist tribal emergency managers and planners to improve the sustainability of their tribal community, and better protect tribal citizens, lands, culture, and sovereignty.



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